What is Telecom United?
Around the globe motivated independent telecommunications professionals are sharing resources and skills, leveraging this network to benefit themselves and their clients.
Telecom United
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Qualified telecommunications professionals in sales, a technical field or in a supply chain, Click here to investigate the opportunities.

Telecom United
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Telecom United

What is Telecom United?
For The Industry Professional:
Telecom United is a community of telecommunications professionals who choose to work together under one banner, forming franchises or virtual companies by sharing resources, skills and networking to create all the benefits of a large international company whilst remaining personal, efficient and leaving the profit in the hands of those that produce it.   Around the globe independent telecommunications professionals have organized to share resources and skills. - Motivated professionals and suppliers leverage their membership to benefit themselves and their clients.
Click here to investigate the opportunities

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For The Consumer Of Telecoms Services:
Potential customers please contact us using this short form, test our ability and commitment, then decide for yourself. We cover every discipline, cabling, consulting, equipment provision, project management and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and services. Our organization spans the globe, for a call center in Delhi, a PBX in London or an Asterisk VoIP switch in New York, our Associates have the resources and expertise to offer a turnkey solution. You have access to a huge technical resource capable of fulfilling any contract from Soho applications to the largest, most sophisticated applications deployed by multinational organizations.